A club competition is chosen at a club meeting and scheduled to run on the next Sunday after that meeting. If for some reason the competition doesn't run on the initial planned day, attempts will be on following Sundays up to the Sunday before the next club meeting, i.e. there will be at least 4 attempts to run that club competition.

Below are the results for the year 2018 - 2019. Scroll down for the league table.

Limbo (Held on 17th February 2019)

          =1st      Bob Flook       8 passes
          =1st    Pete Evans      8 passes
          3rd    Stuart Mitchell   5 passes

League Table

Pilot  Limbo       Total Club points (lowest score discarded) Standings
 Bob Flook  20       20  
 Pete Evans 20       20  
 Stuart Mitchell  14       14  
 Terry Maynard 12       12  
 Andy Davey 10       10  

To see how points are awarded, click here.