On Sunday, 13th September 2015 the WMSA Open Autumn Cross Country event was held on Crook Peak. Twelve competitors took part. Generally, wind was from East-South-East direction and varied over the day from a light breeze to around 15mph (6.7 m/s). Apart from a little light rain at about 10:30 for a few minutes, it was warm with mostly fine weather cloud cover.

A ten turn-point course was set with the first turn on ‘The Rocks’. The next turn was situated further along towards the ‘Razor and turn three about 150 metres to the West of turn two. Turn four was on the path to the ‘Cross-Roads’ and turn five was on the ‘Cross-Roads’. Turn six was on the ‘Tump and turn seven on the ‘wall’, immediately behind the ‘Tump’. Turn eight was on the ‘Cross-Roads’, turn nine on the North pit area and turn ten on the path that runs along from the West pit area to the path that links the ‘Cross-Roads’ to the ‘Peak’

Competitors were drawn into one of two groups with each group flying two rounds of forty minutes.  At the turn points they had to fly the glider so that did a 360 degree turn around the flag.  Those with the best scores from their two rounds went forward to the final round.  In this final round the gliders had to be turned 360 degrees behind the flag and then exit on the reciprocal direction of their approach to the flag.

From qualify rounds seven people went forward to the fly-off. These were Chris Bowles (Dartmoor), Andy Fowles (WMSA), Dave Malin (Dartmoor), Bob Flood (WMSA), Pat Teakle (WMSA), Peter Naylor (Dartmoor) and John Harvey (Dartmoor).  The result from this final round was that Chris Bowles won with fourteen turns (1,000 points), Andrew Fowles was second with twelve turns (857 points) and Pat Teakle was third on eleven turns (786 points).

Congratulation goes to the podium finishers and to everybody that took part. Also, many thanks go to Andrew Fowles for organising the event and Clive Cheesley for being Andrew's ‘gofer’.

Results are shown on this link there are also some pictures of the event here.