Club members are reminded that we have a Club meeting on Thursday, 12th December. As usual at this time of year we will be holding the 12 inch span (that’s a maximum of 12 inches) indoor glider competition. There will be three classes: Scale, Xmas novelty and rubber power duration. Prizes to be awarded to the winner of each class so get building! We will also have the bumper Christmas raffle where we have around £200 worth of prizes. If that wasn’t we have some eats including hot sausage rolls and mince pies.

Another date for your diary is the Christmas Cross Country Comp planned for Sunday 15th December. Any glider is eligible and as usual any members that do not want to participate in the competition but want to fly are welcome to do so. Note: If for some reason the competition does not take place on the 15th, the back-up date is 12th January 2014. However, if we do manage to hold the Xmas Cross Country this month, it is propose that the empty slot on 12th January be used for the Limbo competition.

With luck we should have hot food and sherry provided up the hill. We will be looking for some volunteers to help with the cooking and carry stuff up the hill. We usually each bring along a small prize (around £3) to be shared out after the competition, winners get first choice.