Graham Tolhurst has thrown down the gauntlet for the competition season 2013-2014 by completing a Kestrel flight. Weather conditions: bright sunshine with a northerly wind of 7 mph, possible gusts to 12 mph and a temperature of 8 C. Below is his description of the event.

“I took advantage of the northerly wind today and completed a Kestrel flight from The Peak to the Trig Point on Wavering Down and back to The Peak again.  In case you’re not familiar, the Kestrel award is given to the club member who completes the furthest out and back flight in the current club competition year.  There is a similar award for the longest flight with a landing, which is the Eagle award.

I thought it would be an easy flight, but proved rather difficult.  The wind was lighter than expected and slightly too northerly which meant that the ridge running along the long wall from the crossroads wasn’t working and I was scratching for lift before attempting to get across to Wavering Down.  A few small thermals helped me out.  The lift on Wavering Down was good, once I managed to push the glider round to the front of the hill.  Coming back was easier.  Barton Rocks was working really well and that gave me plenty of height to get back to the North Face and then on up to the Peak.  I flew this with my Thermik Excel, which proved the right choice for the light winds.”

Congratulations go to Graham. Is anybody going to top this?