On the 3rd May 2017, some members may remember that we had a couple from America visit us up The Peak. They were Jordan and Valerie Kaplan from Tucson, Arizona - see picture below.  They were in the UK on holiday and had brought along some model gliders that were shipped over with them. They had a great time flying with us and eventually left the Peak around mid-afternoon. For a bigger picture tap/click on the image below.

When the main group went home later, a hat was found on the path back towards the car park. This was identified as belonging to Valerie Kaplan. Steve Vincent took possession of the hat and did some detective work. Subsequently, he managed to return the item back to the owner. Then on 26th October 2017 Steve received a parcel from the Kaplans by way of a thank you. That parcel contained a hat. Steve reckons that he is now such a sight to see. For example, whilst standing on a corner he saw a young woman in a flatbed truck slow down to take a look at him. . . . . . . . . . (Editorial Note: Personally, I think the woman thought it was a left-over scarecrow from the Draycott Scarecrow Festival or a Halloween roadside display). . . . . . . Anyway, here is a picture of Steve modelling the that hat. If you really need to see a bigger picture, tap/click on the image below - you have been warned.