Update: This exclusion zone has been reduced to two nautical miles. Read about it here.

We have had notice of an Aeronautical Information Circular that will likely apply to the WMSA on 17th and 18th June.  There will be a six nautical mile exclusion zone centred on a point over the Bristol Channel just off Weston Super Mare beach. This exclusion zone includes the prohibition of small unmanned aircraft (this means all types and sizes of model aircraft).  Crook Peak is 5nm from the centre of the exclusion zone, so we will be included in this prohibition.  The times that will apply will be notified by NOTAM nearer the dates, so the best we can hope for is maybe an hour or two window in which we will be grounded, but it may be for the entirety of the two days.

ExclusionZone17and 18Jun17

P.S. The 18th June is the planned date for our Flat Field Day at AMARC, which is unaffected by this exclusion zone.