Some of members may be aware that on the 19th July 2015 Alan Perry lost his PIK 20 during a club cross-country competition. Because of Alan position relative to the model, he did not actually see where it struck the ground. It was thought that it could either in the fields on the north side of The Peak or on the hillside bordering those fields. Despite many hours searching by Alan and others the model was not found. This led to the conclusion that the model was either on the hillside – probably stuck in a tree, or in one of three maize fields on that north side. If the former conclusion was correct, it was thought that as winter approached and vegetation died back the model would be revealed.  With regard to the latter conclusion, because of the potential damage to the maize crop, these fields were not searched. However the farmer was informed that the model was possibly in one of his fields.

On the 14th October 2015 the model was found. On that day, the farmer was harvesting the maize crop and saw the model. He moved it to one side and called Alan on the phone. At the same time Bob Flook and Pat Teakle, who were flying off the North Slope, witnessed the ‘find’ and also called Alan.

Alan arrived on site and collected the PIK 20. He has said the model was ‘completely trashed’. Unfortunately, the tractor had run into it! A heavy landing and lying in the open for eighty seven days may have also taken its toll.

Alan took the model home and after lunch decided to remove the radio gear and salvage any other parts. One of these parts was a large elevator control horn. As access was gained there was a surprise – Jammed right at the top of the fin, two field mice had made their home. One ran off, but the other just sat on the ground cleaning itself.

There are two photographs of the event on 'Pictures taken in 2015' page – one shows the crash site and the other Alan recovering the model.