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At the 11th December club meeting it was decided  to postpone the Xmas Cross Country planned for 14th December.  This is due to forecasted bad weather on that day. This event will now take place on Sunday, 11th January with a backup of 18th January.

Update 12th January 2015: We intended to hold the Xmas Country on the 11th but were thwarted once again by bad weather conditions. There were about a dozen intrepid fliers up 'The Peak', but a westerly wind was strong with very strong gusts. After generally consulting it was decided the conditions were too difficult for the a club competition and so it is postponed until the 18th January.

Please Note: This is an informal report of the Annual General Meeting held on the 13th November 2014.

All pre-existing committee members were voting back in for the coming year 2014-2015. Their names and contact information can be found here.

Accounts were read and passed.

WMSA club membership fees for 2015 are to remain the same as for 2014 – see here for details. However, BMFA has not made public their fee for 2015. Therefore, Bob Flook requested members to delay paying their WMSA membership fee until the outcome of a BMFA meeting in early December is known.

Bob Flook was presented with the Winner of Club Competitions 2013-2014 trophy. Full results are here.

In the original plan, the Pat Teakle Climb to Height competition was scheduled for the 17th August, however on that day Woodsprings Wings is holding its annual E-Flyin. Quite a few our our members like to go to this event so it has been decided to postpone our event to a week later, i.e. 24th August with the fall back date of the 31st August.

Due to a NATO meeting being held in Newport Wales on 3rd to 5th September, NATS has placed a flying restriction over a wide area that encompasses our flying site on Crook Peak. The BMFA have confirmed this flying restriction includes model flying. Click on this link to read the BMFA notification.

The link to the PDF document detailing the restriction on BMFA, BBC, ITV, etc. is broken. However if you click on this link: NATS Aeronautical Information Service website, a list of flight restrictions can be viewed. Look for the title: “North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Summit, Newport, Gwent – 3rd to 5th September 2014.

To see if your other flying activities fall within the restricted area, please look at document on the NATS website.

Please note this restriction is not optional it is the law.

Below is a message from our Chairman Peter Evans (with edits 24th July):

"We plan to have a flat field day up at the Jeffrey’s farm at Charterhouse next Sunday, 27th July.

We should be able to park on the field and the plan will be to fly pretty much anything that we can get into eg IC, electric, bungee, electric winch launch and we may even get Gary Page to come along to do a bit of aerotowing although that has yet to be confirmed. After this weekends aerotow event at the farm the field has a 100m diameter mown circle in the centre which should help with take offs and landings. As usual there will be a small charge to attend for each car (£1.50) and £1.50 per pilot.
Bob Flook has some WMSA BBQ coals ready for you to cook some food (you will need to provide your own food) although we have yet to get hold of a portable BBQ so if you have one you can bring along please let me know.
Start time will be around 10.00 and finish time when we are all worn out or too wet and cold to carry on!
Hope to see you there



For those members that have forgotton how to get there or others who have never been, below are directions to the site:

To get to the farm, going South on the A38 turn left about 0.5 mile past Churchill just after the petrol station, go through Shipham and take the first left onto Longbottom. Go a couple of miles and turn right at the T junction. The farm is on the left a couple of hundred yards down the lane.

To get to the farm, going North turn off the A38 towards Cheddar (Cross Lane and then A371). At the petrol station turn left onto Shipham Road. After about a mile or so look for a right turn onto Longbottom. Go a couple of miles and turn right at the T junction. The farm is on the left a couple of hundred yards down the lane.

If you have satnav you can search for BS40 7XU.