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Please Note: This is an informal report of the Annual General Meeting held on the 10th November 2016.

All pre-existing committee members were voting back in for the coming year 2016-2017. Committee member names and contact information can be found here.

Accounts were read and passed.

WMSA club membership fees for 2017 are to remain the same as for 2016 – see here for details. However, BMFA has not yet made public their fees for 2017. Therefore, Bob Flook requested members to delay paying their WMSA membership fee until the outcome of a BMFA meeting in early December is known.

Update: 20th November 2016

BMFA have published there subscription fees for 2017, which remain unchanged from 2016. Read more here.


Finally, the club managed to find a suitable site to hold our very belated WMSA 50th Anniversary event. AMARC 2002 has kindly allowed us to use their flying site which is located at Western in Gordano.

Weather permitting proceedings will commence sometime after 10.00 on the morning of Sunday 18th September.

The Gordano site is located between Portishead and Clevedon. Directions to get to the site are as follows:

Arriving from the North

Leave the M5 at junction 19 and take the A369 to Portishead. At the Sheepway roundabout bear left. Continue to the next roundabout and bear left again, past the new school. Go over a mini roundabout and proceed on the B3214 to Weston in Gordano and Clevedon. At Weston in Gordano village, look out for a building on the left, obstructing into the road and coloured cream. Cadbury Lane is here. Turn left into the lane and Weston Drove is 500 metres further down. OBSERVE THE 10mph SPEED LIMIT. Continue right to the bottom of the drove, AMARC entrance is on the left.

Arriving from the South

Leave the M5 at junction 20 (Clevedon) and at the roundabout over the motorway, take the left turn onto Ettlingen Way. At the next roundabout, take the third exit, which is the Northern Way. At the next roundabout (mini), take the first exit going West on the Tickenham Road. At the next roundabout (mini), take the second exit that leads onto the B3124, Walton Road to Portishead. Continue along this road until you get to Weston in Gordano. Shortly along the road in the village you will travel though a ‘pinch point’ where no simultaneous two way traffic is possible. After passing through this section, look out for the cream coloured cottage on the right. The position of the cottage obscures Cadbury Lane, which you must turn right into. Weston Drove is 500 metres further down. OBSERVE THE 10mph SPEED LIMIT. Continue right to the bottom of the drove, AMARC entrance is on the left.


The plan is to have flying throughout the day. All types of powered aircraft (providing they are not too noisy) plus bungee launch and DLG gliders can be flown. Currently, there are no plans to do any aero towing or winch launching!

It would be good to see as many current and past members of the WMSA on the day and of course AMARC members are very welcome to join in. Food and drink will be provided free of charge although I suggest that any vegetarians should bring their own provisions. It would be good to see a few wives and girlfriends as well although as far as we are aware toilet facilities will be somewhat basic and maybe not very female friendly!

If you are not a member of AMARC. please do not fly before you have been made fully aware of Club rules.

If you plan to join us on the day, please send Peter Evans an email ASAP to let him know approximate numbers for catering purposes.

This website will endevour to be kept up to date with latest information

At our club meeting on Thursday, 14th April 2016 the Great Western Air Ambulance (GWAA) charity gave a very interesting presentation about their services. Clive Haynes has now received a letter from that organisation to thank us for money raised. Below is the main text from that letter.

Dear Mr Haynes

James Dale has asked me to write and thank you for the very warm welcome and hospitality extended to him the other evening prior to his talk – it was greatly appreciated.

I do hope you enjoyed his presentation and found it to be both interesting and informative but should you have any queries or further questions please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Please will you pass my gratitude to members of the Association for raising a total of £191.62 made up as follows: talk fee £30, sale of merchandise £45.50 and bucket collection £116.12 – an amazing amount.

Once again – a very big thank you.

With very best wishes


Yours sincerely

Joe Hughes

Chief Operating Officer   


We also receievd a certificate of thanks. Click on the image to enlarge.

You can read about the charity here.

On Sunday 21st August the club is holding a ‘Theme Day’ with the theme being ‘Sort of Scale’. Note: this was originally scheduled for the 14th August, but weather conditions made flying difficult.

Any flying model glider or PSS that is scale, looks scale or at least has a cockpit with or without a pilot could qualify.

This is not a competition, but just for fun.

As normal members who do not wish to take part, but sport fly are more than welcome.

Update: 'Theme Day' was held on 21st August. Weather was forecast to be windy with rain later in the day, which turned out to be quite accurate. Six club members presented with scale (or near scale) models. Although conditions were quite challenging all models flew - some very briefly. Pictures of the seven models can be viewed here.

Many of you will be aware that last year one of our club members required the services of the air ambulance to ferry him to a Bristol hospital from the top of Crook Peak.

At the club meeting on Thursday, 14th April 2016 the Great Western Air Ambulance (GWAA) charity will give a presentation about their services. Please come along and show your support.

You can read about the charity here.