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Updated: 12th May 2020

Below are emails sent out by our chairman Peter Evans concerning the Coronavirus and our club. The emails are ordered so that the latest is at the top.

12th May 2020

Hi All

Hope you are all well

At last we seem to have some impending relaxation of the coronavirus lockdown rules. The revised rules dont always seem very clear to me but having read the detailed government publication about the changes to be introduced this coming Wednesday the view of the WMSA committee is as follows:

  1. We will be allowed to travel to public open spaces in the countryside which as far as I know would include Crook Peak
  2. We will be allowed go out more than once a day and with no time limit.
  3. We will be allowed to exercise, have picnics and sunbath etc in the countryside
  4. We must continue to keep social distancing from people other than those in our own household.
  5. If we go to the countryside, we must not meet up with more than one other person who is not in our household.

With regards to flying at the Peak it is our view that the only item that could be an issue is point 5 where we must not meet up with more than one other person.

Based on the above it is the advice of the WMSA committee that from Wednesday, providing social distancing is maintained there is no ruling that prohibits individuals from traveling to Crook Peak and if they wish to flying a model aircraft. We believe that this advice is in accordance with latest government and BMFA guidelines. However in accordance with point 5 we must not formally meet up as an organised group. I suggest that if a number of pilots are there at the same time then we all keep well away from each other and dont touch each others property which of course will include models. Maybe a staggered lunch time and you will have to launch your won glider! 

Mind you I dont see why we cant say hello to friends at a distance if they just happen to be up there!

For those who wish to fly power at private enclosed sites such as Woodspring Wings or AMARC there are likely to be different rules. Currently there is much discussion going on at these clubs but as yet I am not aware of what they intend to do. 

I hope the above provides some clarity.

Keep safe and hope to spot a few of you. At a distance of course


23rd March 2020

Hi All
Hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times.

Following discussions, the WMSA committee have decided to recommend that until further notice WMSA club members do not fly at Crook Peak. Currently the government are not prohibiting people from going out into the countryside and if you want to fly up there it is entirely up to you. However we feel that it would be a responsible position for our club to take in making such recommendations. Reports from the few who flew up the Peak on Sunday say that it was extremely busy with walkers although fortunately it seems that social distancing was complied with.

Keep safe and hope to see you soon


19th March 2020

Hi All

I hope that you are all keeping fit and well and coping in these difficult times of the Coronavirus disaster. 

With regards how the situation impacts our Club activities we should comply the latest government recommendations. However what I can say is that in common with other local model clubs our monthly meetings have been cancelled until further notice. Woodspring Wings have also announced that this years show will not take place. I have not been informed that the Whitesheet Scale day planned for Sunday 29th March is cancelled so I guess it is still on! 

Currently some of us are still flying outdoors, both up Crook Peak and at flat field sites. It is my understanding that providing appropriate safeguards are adopted groups participating in such outdoor activities are not considered to be at high risk of catching the virus. In fact getting out and about in the countryside for exercise and fresh air is probably a good idea for most of us. 

  • With regards to slope soaring, subject to any changes in government advice I suggest the following:
  • Dont come and fly if you are feeling at all unwell such as having a cold
  • Dont come and fly if you think you may have been in contact with someone who has been infected with Coronavirus.
  • Dont come and fly if you consider yourself to be in a high risk group. This is a personal choice may be due to age or health etc.
  • When flying with others keep a good distance from each other and dont touch other peoples property or let them touch yours, including models and transmitters etc.

For flat field flying I guess the above would also be sensible advice. However having flown at Woodspring Wings earlier this week I think that when flying at the site it is more difficult to adhere to social distancing and not touching things touched by others. Currently Woodspring is still open for business for Woodspring Club members but this may change in the future. As far as I know AMARC is also still open.

Obviously flying our model planes with friends is something that we all enjoy but is a very insignificant activity when considering the implications of the current pandemic. If there is any way that you think that you can help others through this difficult time then we should all do our best. Maybe just a phone call to see if they OK or perhaps helping with shopping.

I will provide an update to the above when I know more. For day to day Club communications many WMSA members use WhatsApp which has proved to be a very useful tool. If you wish to join in please let me know and we can get you added to the group.  

On a positive note there should be plenty of spare time now for doing repairs and building new models!

Good luck and hope to see you soon




    Updated: 20th February 2020

This page is devoted to providing links to information about Drone and model aircraft registration. All WMSA members are also members of the British Flying Model Association (BMFA) and therefore should look out for emails and BMFA website information about registration. Generally, links are ordered by the latest information at the top.

At the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, 8th November 2018 a motion was under consideration to negotiate with the National Trust to allow the use of electrical assist for gliders up on Crook Peak for the gaining of height only. This motion was carried by the members present.

Subsequently, the National Trust were contacted and they agreed to allow the use of electrical assist in gliders. Below is the text of the agreement.

"The licensee agrees to use the site only for the purpose of launching, flying and landing of unpowered model aircraft. The licensee will be permitted to operate electric assist gliders when conditions require (i.e. light lift) on the basis that any electrical or motor assistance is operated in accordance with the Air Navigation Order (as amended in 2018) and BMFA guidance. The licensor reserves the right to rescind permitted use of electric assisted aircraft at any time during the licence period."

The WMSA committee then set about reviewing and updating the club rules and also added the risk assessment previously forwarded to the NT. On Thursday, 14th February 2019 these rules were the subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and was passed by the members present. Therefore, from the 15th February 2019 the use of electrical assist for glider for the gaining of height in low lift conditions is allowed on Crook Peak.

For further information and link to club rules, please see menu option: Club Information->Club Rules or tap/click here.

Crook Peak is affected by a NOTAM. On the 23rd June, 2019 the Red Arrows are performing aerobatics at Weston Super Mare. Because of this, a flight restriction has been made that forbids any other manned or unmanned aircraft flying in zone with a radius of 6 nautical miles centred on Weston Super Mare. The time of this exclusion is from 14:10 BST to 14:55 BST.  Because this exclusion zone covers Crook Peak, we are not permitted to fly on that date and time.

From Bob Flook, WMSA Treasurer

Renewal of membership for the WMSA and BMFA for 2019 is now possible.

As discussed and approved at the recent AGM WMSA membership for 2019 will be £8 providing I have the subscription by the 31st December, 2018. The subscription after the New Year will be £10. There will be no charge for Life or Junior members, (under 18 on 1st January, 2019).

Again this year there is the category of membership of Partner. This is applicable to any partner of a member residing at the same address (as is the case with the BMFA Family Partner membership). This category of membership is £4 before the 31st December, 2018, £5 in the New Year and reducing to £2.50 after the 1st August.

The BMFA have now confirmed that their subscriptions for 2019 and are:

  • Senior Full Member £38
  • Junior Full Member £17
  • Family Senior Member £38
  • Family Partner Member £25
  • Family Junior Member £13
  • Non-Flying Member £17

Therefore, most members will pay £46 for combined WMSA & BMFA membership providing I have the subscription by the end of the year.

As you will know all flying members of the WMSA have to have current membership of the BMFA for insurance and National Trust licence reasons. I have to provide the BMFA with a list of all our members who are country members or members through another flying club and they conduct a check on these after the 1st March. For members not renewing through the WMSA please ensure you renew your country membership or your membership through another flying club before March.

Note - Non Flyers can be members of the WMSA without being members of the BMFA. However, the BMFA do have a non-flyers membership at a reduced subscription of £17 which will still allow you to receive the BMFA News magazine.

For any lapsed members who didn’t join the WMSA in 2018 the BMFA offer 13 months membership for the normal annual subscription after the 1st December, 2018. The WMSA also offer this facility so you can join both the WMSA and BMFA for £46 from the 1st December, 2018 through to 31st December, 2019.
I can accept payment by cash, cheque or on-line. If you paid on-line last year the account details are the same. Please send me an email to let me know when you have paid on-line.

I should be at the December club meeting to take payment by cash or cheque and give out membership cards. I'll also have membership cards with me when I visit the Peak in the next few weeks.

If you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of the WMSA perhaps you would be good enough to advise me by email to me the Treasurer (see Contact Us page for email address).This will allow me to take you off the circulation list so you don’t get unnecessary reminders in the future.

If you want to join WMSA, see here.

Bob Flook