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From Bob Flook, WMSA Treasurer

Renewal of membership for the WMSA and BMFA for 2019 is now possible.

As discussed and approved at the recent AGM WMSA membership for 2019 will be £8 providing I have the subscription by the 31st December, 2018. The subscription after the New Year will be £10. There will be no charge for Life or Junior members, (under 18 on 1st January, 2019).

Again this year there is the category of membership of Partner. This is applicable to any partner of a member residing at the same address (as is the case with the BMFA Family Partner membership). This category of membership is £4 before the 31st December, 2018, £5 in the New Year and reducing to £2.50 after the 1st August.

The BMFA have now confirmed that their subscriptions for 2019 and are:

  • Senior Full Member £38
  • Junior Full Member £17
  • Family Senior Member £38
  • Family Partner Member £25
  • Family Junior Member £13
  • Non-Flying Member £17

Therefore, most members will pay £46 for combined WMSA & BMFA membership providing I have the subscription by the end of the year.

As you will know all flying members of the WMSA have to have current membership of the BMFA for insurance and National Trust licence reasons. I have to provide the BMFA with a list of all our members who are country members or members through another flying club and they conduct a check on these after the 1st March. For members not renewing through the WMSA please ensure you renew your country membership or your membership through another flying club before March.

Note - Non Flyers can be members of the WMSA without being members of the BMFA. However, the BMFA do have a non-flyers membership at a reduced subscription of £17 which will still allow you to receive the BMFA News magazine.

For any lapsed members who didn’t join the WMSA in 2018 the BMFA offer 13 months membership for the normal annual subscription after the 1st December, 2018. The WMSA also offer this facility so you can join both the WMSA and BMFA for £46 from the 1st December, 2018 through to 31st December, 2019.
I can accept payment by cash, cheque or on-line. If you paid on-line last year the account details are the same. Please send me an email to let me know when you have paid on-line.

I should be at the December club meeting to take payment by cash or cheque and give out membership cards. I'll also have membership cards with me when I visit the Peak in the next few weeks.

If you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of the WMSA perhaps you would be good enough to advise me by email to me the Treasurer (see Contact Us page for email address).This will allow me to take you off the circulation list so you don’t get unnecessary reminders in the future.

If you want to join WMSA, see here.

Bob Flook

You may be aware that the BMFA and other model organisations have been in negotiations with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Department for Transport (DfT) about the flying of model aircraft. This has led to the CAA issuing a 'Joint ‘Permission' that allows BMFA members (and other defined organisation members) to continue operating ‘conventional’ model aircraft (excluding multi-rotors) weighing less than 7Kg at heights in excess of 400ft. Also an exemption’ has been given to BMFA members to operate ‘conventional’ model aircraft (excluding multi-rotors) weighing less than 3.5Kg at heights up to 1000ft using First Person View. The BMFA article can be read here.


Udate: 28th November 2017

Please Note: This is an informal report of the Annual General Meeting held on the 9th November 2017.

Except for the Competition Secretary all pre-existing committee members were voting back in for the coming year 2017-2018. The Competition Secretary post is vacant. Committee member names and contact information can be found here.

Accounts were read and passed.

WMSA club membership fees for 2018 are to remain the same as for 2017. BMFA has now published their fees for 2018. See here for details.

Pat Teakle was presented with the League Cup for the year 2016-2017. Results of competitions can be seen here.

Steve Vincent received a special mention for all the hard work he has put in up the The Peak, clearing tracks and the 'runway' with his brush cutter.

As you may be aware we are intending to run a flat field event sometime. AMARC have been kind enough to allow us to use their field once again like we did last year

The original plan was to run the event on Sunday 27th May, but due to adverse weather forecasts was cancelled. A new day for the event has been scheduled for the 10th June.As usual you will be able to fly any type of powered model aircraft providing it complies with AMARC rules. Also we hope to organise some food and drink.

The Gordano site is located between Portishead and Clevedon. Directions to get to the site are as follows:

Arriving from the North

Leave the M5 at junction 19 and take the A369 to Portishead. At the Sheepway roundabout bear left. Continue to the next roundabout and bear left again, past the new school. Go over a mini roundabout and proceed on the B3214 to Weston in Gordano and Clevedon. At Weston in Gordano village, look out for a building on the left, obstructing into the road and coloured white. Cadbury Lane is here. Turn left into the lane and Weston Drove is 500 metres further down. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit. Continue right to the bottom of the drove, AMARC entrance is on the left.

Arriving from the South

Leave the M5 at junction 20 (Clevedon) and at the roundabout over the motorway, take the left turn onto Ettlingen Way. At the next roundabout, take the third exit, which is the Northern Way. At the next roundabout (mini), take the first exit going West on the Tickenham Road. At the next roundabout (mini), take the second exit that leads onto the B3124, Walton Road to Portishead. Continue along this road until you get to Weston in Gordano. Shortly along the road in the village you will travel though a ‘pinch point’ where no simultaneous two way traffic is possible. After passing through this section, look out for the white coloured cottage on the right. The position of the cottage obscures Cadbury Lane, which you must turn right into. Weston Drove is 500 metres further down. Please observe the 10 mph speed limit. Continue right to the bottom of the drove, AMARC entrance is on the left.

On the 3rd May 2017, some members may remember that we had a couple from America visit us up The Peak. They were Jordan and Valerie Kaplan from Tucson, Arizona - see picture below.  They were in the UK on holiday and had brought along some model gliders that were shipped over with them. They had a great time flying with us and eventually left the Peak around mid-afternoon. For a bigger picture tap/click on the image below.

When the main group went home later, a hat was found on the path back towards the car park. This was identified as belonging to Valerie Kaplan. Steve Vincent took possession of the hat and did some detective work. Subsequently, he managed to return the item back to the owner. Then on 26th October 2017 Steve received a parcel from the Kaplans by way of a thank you. That parcel contained a hat. Steve reckons that he is now such a sight to see. For example, whilst standing on a corner he saw a young woman in a flatbed truck slow down to take a look at him. . . . . . . . . . (Editorial Note: Personally, I think the woman thought it was a left-over scarecrow from the Draycott Scarecrow Festival or a Halloween roadside display). . . . . . . Anyway, here is a picture of Steve modelling the that hat. If you really need to see a bigger picture, tap/click on the image below - you have been warned.