1. Flat field day organised for 11th August. See calendar. More. . . . . . . . . 2. Latest pictures and videos are available now.
  • BBC Weather: Get national or local weather from the BBC.

  • Forecast.co.uk: The website is used to provide weather forecast on our web pages. The link automatically provides weather for Loxton.

  • HG&PG Weather: - Great collection of weather details and forecasts aimed at Hanggliders and Paragliders, but great for us too.

  • Meteorologica: Provides images of different weather information. For example: pressure, temperature, lightning, etc.

  • SkyLink Weather: Wind maps from all major airports in the UK. Shows both current and historical weather, Skylinkweather gives information such as wind speed and direction, temperature and pressure for your chosen location clearly displayed on a UK map.

  • XC Weather - UK Wind Map - See wind direction and strengths at all major airports in the UK and view past history.