Schedule and Results

Spring Cross-Country - 12th April 2015

=1st    Andrew Fowles        WMSA
=1st    Graham Tolhurst      WMSA
2nd     Chris Bowles           Dartmoor
3rd      Bob Flook               WMSA

Open PSS and Scale Glider Fly-In Day - 12th July 2015

Not held - poor weather conditions

Autumn Cross-Country - 13th September 2015

1st     Chris Bowles            Dartmoor
2nd    Andrew Fowles         WMSA
3rd     Pat Teakle                WMSA


It is recommended that all entries are pre-registered by contacting the Competitions Secretary at least one week before the event date (you can find contact details on the Contact Us page). This will allow the WMSA to contact all registered entrants if there is a change of details, cancellation etc.

Open competitions have an entry fee of £5 payable on the day of the competition. This is to help with the cost of trophies.

Fly-in days are free to enter.

Start time for cross country competitions is normally 10am. The WMSA will endeavour to allow late arrivals to take part, but this may mean a shorter flying slot.

All entrants must provide details of third party insurance before they can fly.

35MHz even frequencies, 2.4GHz, 27MHz solid colours or UHF only are to be flown. Non UK legal frequencies are not allowed. Each entrant must clip a peg with their name and channel identification clearly marked onto the pegboard before switching on their transmitter.

WMSA safety rules will be available and should be read by all entrants before flying.