Model fliers have a number of legal obligations set out in CAA publication CAP658 and guidance contained within the BMFA Members' Handbook is generally designed to ensure that if followed, members will comply with current requirements. West Mendip Soaring Association (WMSA) is affiliated to the BMFA and therefore requires all our members to adhere to both BMFA guidelines and specific club rules

Early in 2019 the club committee reviewed and updated our club rules and carried out a risk assessment for the West Mendip Soaring Association. On Thursday, 14th February 2019 these rules were the subject of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) and was passed by the members present.  In order to ensure safe and legal Club activities it is important that these rules are complied with.

The rules of the club in PDF format can be downloaded here.

It should be noted that as of 15th February 2019 the Rules now allow for the operation of electric assist gliders at Crook Peak when light lift conditions exist.